The founder of the fund is Dominic Cuda, sports photographer.


Associated with the sport since childhood. In her youth biathlon athlete.


The most important factor in the development of the young athlete.

The Passion

This is what we want to keep and reward.


The base of the fund.

The Help

If you help others, It will come back to you.


Created throughout the year, 12 session, 12 participants, 12 sports. Close To 60 Pictures. Everyone connected with sport. Most of the girls for the first time in their life in a photoshoot. The last session with the author of the project in order to support girls..

All sessions:

What we do

ONE YEAR FUND is a fund to support young athletes. All money, that we collect from the sale of the calendar and additional products, we will spent on the purchase of shoes, clothing and equipment for athletes up to 18 years old.. We also organize training and motivational speeches.

Easy Target

Shoes, clothing, training equipment for athletes up to 18 years old..

Clear structure

The Fund is not our source of money. We will spent sll the income on our target.

Associated passion

Everyone involved in the project are connected with sport.

Get to know us

The project creates only a few people. If you are interested in working with us, please contact.


Below is a list of our partners from whom we get support. If you want to help us, please contact.


Media in the

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