One Year Fund. Supporting organization for young athletes. The founder is Dominika Cuda – Sports Photographer. Involved in sports since her childhood, she was Biathlon Athlete in her teen years.

MOTIVATION. The most important factor of young athlete development and something we want to retain and reward. The basis of Fund activity. If you help other people, it will come back to you.


It has been created throughout the year. 12 photo shoots, 12 participants, 12 disciplines, almost 60 photos. All participants are involved in sports. Most of the girls have taken part in the photo shoot for the first time ever. The last shoot is participated by the very author of the project so the rest of athletes can feel the full support.

All the photoshoot here:

What we do

ONE YEAR FUND is a Charity Project supporting young athletes. All the income from the Calendar sale is donated for purchasing shoes, clothes and the equipment for sport-related youngsters below the age of 18. We also deal with training and motivational performances organization.

Simple goal. Footwear, clothing, sport equipment and training for athletes below the age of 18. Clear structure. The Fund is not our livelihood. All the income is donated for the charity. We are all passiondriven people involved in sports as well.


A project team consists of only a few people. If you are interested in cooperation feel invited to contact us.


Please find the list of our partners below. If you would like to support us please feel free to contact us.


Media about us

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